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Green Book:

A great story of opposite characters. One refined, the other a rough diamond. Great acting, engaging story, what more could you ask for? Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali are the main characters. Funny and sad by times. Nice shot of the America countryside, made me want to go there. 


On the Basis of Sex: 

Starring Felicity Jones and Justin Theroux, both very strong. Justin to my taste is a bit too good looking! Compelling story about Ruth Bader Ginsburg trying to find her feet in a very male dominated legal world. It is astonishing now to watch how she was treated by her male superiors. Parts of the film are a little heavy - the intricacies of a legal ruling. (This was when I nodded off for a while). It is however, worth going to, as it is a true story and Ruth is now a Supreme Court Justice, 6/10.



Set in Mexico, about a maid working for a middle classe family. There are many extraordinary things about this film. Firstly it is only on Netflix, the cast are unknowns, it's in black and white and it's seemingly about nothing. It is about everyday life and has extraordinary emotional moments, funny moments and each frame is like a work of art. It is not for everybody but this for me is an acid test: you will remember it, it will linger. 9/10


The Favourite:


Whether you like period dramas or not this film is worth while going to for its cinematography, acting, interiors and the rivalry between the 3 women. Olivia Colman is outstanding, Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz are not far behind. It is compelling, the script is not what you would expect from a period drama, it's hip and unexpected. 


A star is born:

We both loved it. If you want to switch off after a tense day of work this movie will restore you. Lady Gaga is marvellous, her singing is uplifting and Bradley Cooper is just as good. The story line is straight forward - alcholism and the consequent downhill spiral is well depicted and will tug at your emotions. You won't lose interest. 8/10


Bohmeian Rhapsody:

Sheer exuberance. Rami Malik is 'Queen' - you could listen to him for hours. This is the story of Queen, and follows his life from a young lad up to his live performance at Live Aid in 1985. The director does not cut the Live Aid performance, you get it in its entirety. This is what cinema should be: you are transported and will be sorry when the lights go down.


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