Reading Glasses Glossary

by Natalie

If you are new to wearing reading glasses (or indeed old to) there is a vocabulary that needs a bit of explaning:

1. Aspheric Lenses:

This means that the lenses are thinner and flatter, resulting in a more normal and attractive look for your eyes.

It also means (and this is very important) that the entire lens is magnified. Very cheap glasses may not have aspheric lenses.

2. Quality standards:

CE certified, ISO quality, GMP (good manufacturing practice) FDA, BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) Drop ball certificates, this is very important - it means that the lenses will withstand a mighty weight! These are all standard at Eyelids Reading Glasses.

3. Spring-loaded arms:

This affords the arms a greater range of movement and does not limit them to the traditional, 90 degree angle. Good if you are a little rough on glasses!

4. Polycarbonate Frame:

A robost, strong material used in the frame of most of our reading glasses - it will obviously break if you drive over them!

5. TR90 Material:

You will see this in the description of some of our glasses. It means that the frame, or the arms will be bendable, and flexible. Should you bend it backwards it will revert to its original shape. Frames or arms with TR90 material are robust and virtually unbreakable.




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